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Wire Harnesses & Cable Assemblies

Our portfolio includes wire harness and cable assemblies. These critical components have evolved and not only transmit power, they also carry data and signals to support increasing sophisticated equipment, SMART devices and IOT.  The companies we work with build quality components ranging from simple wire harnesses consisting of a few wires and terminations to complex cable assemblies containing dozens of wires and different terminators. The JR Bright Agency’ suppliers have experience in a variety of industries including

  • Automotive
  • Military and Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Commercial equipment
  • Life sciences and Medical
  • Food processing

In addition to building wire harnesses and cable assemblies our contacts capabilities and services include:

  • Higher-level assemblies and box builds
  • Reverse engineering of specialty parts
  • PC/WHAM-A-620 Hand soldering
  • Laser wire stripping
  • Overmolding
  • Electronics potting and epoxy services

The companies the JR Bright Agency works with adhere to standards set by ISO, WHMA, ITAR, IPC and the PPAP process and use automated tools for efficiency and to ensure repeatable results.  Their products are thoroughly tested, options include:

  • Cross section analysis
  • Failure analysis
  • Pull and connection point testing
  • Hi-pot (high potential, high voltage) testing
  • Continuity testing

Whether you are looking for

  • A new supplier for an existing component
  • Have a new project
  • Need to update or reverse engineer an existing design

JR Bright’s suppliers will build parts that meet your specifications.  If you are looking for more complete components, take advantage of our vertical integration expertise to procure box builds aka integrated systems.