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6161 Tracht Drive, Galion, Ohio 44833, USA

Manufacturing Sales Representatives located in central Ohio.

Since 1975, the J.R. Bright Agency has been representing manufacturers of the highest quality.  The companies we work with are established firms that

  • Adhere to quality standards such as ISO, IATF, and ITAR
  • Provide thorough product testing to ensure specifications are met
  • Are environmentally sound

We offer a range of services from single component sourcing to vertical integration. Whether you want a one-stop-shop for your next project or just need a single component; we will partner with you to obtain the manufacturing services that meet your specifications.

Commodities the JR Bright Agency Represents

Printed Circuit Boards

Multilayer, double-sided, flexible, rigid and semi flex, IMS, RF, and HDI. Domestic and offshore options. Low to mid volume capabilities and high volume automotive.

Wire Harnesses & Cable Assemblies

Wire leads, cable assemblies, wire harnesses, overmolding, laser stripping, and hand soldering services. Domestic and offshore options.

Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic parts manufacturing for industrial, military, and medical industries. Additional services such as machining and laser marking are available.

Vertical Integration

We serve as a one-stop-shop for clients seeking  consolidated design and manufacturing services for complex parts or finished components. Streamline your journey concept to production.

CNC Milling & Machining

Machining services specializing in high volume automotive as well as low to mid volume capabilities for aerospace and industrial.

Metal Fab & Stamping

Low to mid volume sheet metal fabrication and high volume metal stamping for electronics, industrial, medical, & automotive clients.

Die Casting

Aluminum and zinc die cast solutions for small and large parts, with a particular focus on the automotive and industrial applications. 

Industry Experience

See a list of the industries we serve and learn why the JR Bright Agency is the best choice to support your next project with US or offshore options