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Multilayer, double-sided, flexible, rigid and semi flex, IMS, RF, and HDI. Domestic and offshore options. Low to mid volume capabilities and high volume automotive.

Wire leads, cable assemblies, wire harnesses, overmolding, laser stripping, and hand soldered custom services. Domestic and offshore options.

Plastic parts manufacturing for industrial, military, and medical industries. Additional services such as machining and laser marking are available.

Machining services specializing in high volume automotive as well as low to mid volume capabilities for aerospace and industrial.

Low to mid volume sheet metal fabrication and high volume metal stampings. Industries include consumer electronics, industrial, medical, and automotive.

Aluminum and zinc die cast solutions for the automotive and industrial industries.

JR Bright’s customer-driven approach combines building partnerships and providing reliable products to their clients. As partners, their goal is provide you with

  • quality
  • competitiveness
  • service
  • availability

In short, JR Bright seeks to offer current and future customers multiple solutions for their manufacturing needs by becoming a trusted partner within their supply chain.  They have worked with clients in a wide range of industries including:

  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • consumer electronics
  • Industrial
  • Telecommunications
  • Military and Defense
  • Aerospace

Whether you need a single component/product or are looking for a vertically integrated solution; the JR Bright Agency has you covered with both US-based and off-shore options.